Archery Games

Come and let off steam with archery combat. Two teams compete against each other for 1h30 or 2h30.

Protect yourself behind the obstacles and try to hit your opponents to eliminate them from the game or catch the flag to win points. A dynamic game, full of twists and turns, adrenalin and laughter guaranteed.

We’ll provide you with bows and arrows, forearm protection and a head mask. Come dressed in training gear so that you’re comfortable and with good trainers or walking shoes. The game is generally played outdoors, so plan to dress for the weather.

The arrows have foam tips so there is no risk of impact.

For a 1h30 session (minimum of 8 bows to reserve) Price CHF 35.00 per bow

For a 2h30 session (minimum of 8 bows to reserve) Price CHF 50.00 per bow

Minimum age 12 upon reservation.

Rivières et Aventures – Rte du Pré 33 – CH-1660 Château-d’Oex – Suisse
Tél.: +41 (0)26 924 34 24 – Email:

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