« la Sarine »:

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Very beautiful course of 15 km from Saanen in the Bernese Oberland, near Gstaad,to Château d’Oex. Starting with a small launch ramp, which will not let you indifferent, the river is wild, sustainable for all, with the passage of two beautiful gorges, the first, gorges Vanel, classification 3, located 1km before the village of Rougemont and second, the Gorges Gérignoz, classification 4, raised at the entrance of Château d’Oex, the landscape is beautiful, the walls play with light to make you hold magical reflections.

Duration: on the river 1h30 to 2h00 depending on the water level, duration of the whole activity 3h00 to 3h30, the time to equip you, the travel to the start, the security instructions, the descent and at the end a small appetizer with cheese tasting in the region, the Etivaz and the tomme Rougement is offered…

Children from the age of 10 are allowed provided they know how to swim of course.

Price per person. CHF 105 .-, children up to 12 years CHF 85.-.

Special rates for schools and weekday price reduction for groups and baptisms rafting.

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Rafting on « la Simme »:

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On request and from 12 persons, we can take you to the river Simme in Simmental between Zweisimmen and Thun.

The starting point is located in the village of Boltigen and down until the dam of the town of Erlenbach. 18 km of descent up to Class 3, with pretty quick, rafting for all. Belle River, hectic or you will pass under the magnificent wooden bridges in the region.

Children from the age of 10 are allowed provided they know how to swim course.

Price per person. Chf 120 .- for children up to 12 years CHF 100 .-

Opportunity to make the two courses in one day with a barbecue at noon on our base in Château d’Oex Special rates for schools, for more information please contact us.

Introduction to raft

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We also offer several rafting journeys of initiation or fun rafting,

– Rougemont Gstaad at the crossing in the gorges of Vanel, ideal for racing school children of 9-12 years.

Price per person. CHF 100 .- with special rates for schools and groups

Enney in Broc, tour of the district of Gruyère in the canton of Freiburg, very quiet and lovely.

Price per person. CHF 100.- with special rates for schools and groups

For families or schools who wish to make a short introduction, with children from the age of 8, they will learn the basics of rafting, with a stop for swimming in the water.

Price per person. CHF 60 .


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